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How to install Ubuntu on an Acer C710 Chromebook

To get Ubuntu running on your Acer C710 Chromebook you have the the choice between running it in a chroot environment next to the running Chrome OS or install it in a new partition and boot directly the Ubuntu kernel. I used the 2. option in the past but had some issues with drivers and updating the system. My recommendation is to use Install option 1. Recovery # If you want to start fresh or your system does not boot anymore, follow the instructions at https://support.
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Finding a Travel Laptop

I wanted to get a cheap notebook that i can use while travelling. My requirements were the following: Possibility to run Linux or Windows 8.1 (not RT) Minimum 4 GB RAM SSD of at least 128 GB Dual Core x86 CPU Enough power for 720p x264 video playback Maximum weight 1,5 kg The ACER Aspire V3-371-57S2 (600 Eu) or Microsoft Surface 3 (870 Eu) matched that requirements, but with a price of 600 Euro it was more than I wanted to spend.
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